Bimframe starts the Digital Transformation

Bimframe is a not your everyday product company. We combine skill sets from multiple industries in order to start the Digital Transformation in the construction industry. With the technology that is available today, the possibilities to improve and the opportunities  to thrive are limitless. We believe that if IT is used the correct way, then the transformation of the construction industry is not far away. We have channeled our insights and created Bimframe Cloud and Bimframe Connect.


WHY should bim live in the cloud?

Who wants to be locked into a specific file format? No one. Who doesn't want to be able to share their BIM data? No one. Who liked version conflicts? No one. Who wants outdated files? No one.

Put your BIM data in the cloud. Get started today.

One central repository for your BIM data

In the heart of the Bimframe lies a very sophisticated data model and an associated, state-of-the-art open API. This makes it possible to store and retrieve BIM data as easy as 1-2-3. By pushing the data to the cloud, we make sure that everyone have access to the latest changes. Always. In real time.

Work with your project online in any browser

On top of the API we have built a web application that lets you work with your BIM data as well as your project metadata. The web view gives you access to for instance multi create, multi update, PDF printing and so much more. You can easily share your project with your team members or even some one outside your organisation. The control is on your hands.

Sync from Revit by the push of a button

With our plugin to Revit you can easily sync your BIM model up and down from the cloud. This ensures that the latest changes are always visible where they need to be - right in front of you.

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Combining BIM with the power of Google

Never before has it been so simple to combine BIM data with the power of Google. With Bimframe Connect you can now easily sync data from Revit to Google Sheets. Make changes in Google Sheets, download it as an Excel sheet or share the Google link to a co-worker. When your done with updates just sync it back to Revit by the push of a button. Export and Import - simplified.

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